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Table 1 Biological phenomena discussed in the original article

From: DISCLOSE : DISsection of CLusters Obtained by SEries of transcriptome data using functional annotations and putative transcription factor binding sites

Functional category DISCLOSE Significance frequency
Purine biosynthesis X 91%
Cell growth X 88%
General stress response X 88%
tricarboxylic acid cycle X 86%
Sigma D regulon (motility) X 85%
Glycolysis X 72%
cell division X 71%
pyrimidine biosynthesis X 70%
DNA replication and DNA repair functions X 66%
Sulfur amino acid metabolism X 19%
aspartate metabolism X 16%
serine metabolism X 12%
fatty acid biosynthesis X 12%
drug transporter activity X 3.1%
Na+/H+ antiporters X 0.6%
RNA modification X 0.3%
Multidrug transporters -  
  1. The original analysis of the study of Keyser et al [17] revealed several biological phenomena that are found to be induced during the DNA timecourse experiment. The described biological phenomena were matched with the results of the robustness analysis (complete analysis is listed in Table 2). Phenomena discussed in the original analysis are listed in the first column. A match with the results of DISCLOSE is indicated in the second column. Information concerning the significance frequency is shown in column three.