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Table 4 Contribution of each descriptor

From: Prediction of protein-protein binding site by using core interface residue and support vector machine

Composition of feature vector Core cut-off = 0.2 Core cut-off = 0.8
All descriptors 69.2% 84.8%
Without number of atom 0% -0.1%
Without number of charge -0.2% -0.2%
Without number of H-bond -0.1% 0%
Without hydrophobic index -0.3% -0.1%
Without relative accessible surface area -0.6% -0.8%
Without secondary structure -0.2% -0.3%
Without conservation score -1.4% -0.9%
Without side-chain environment -0.4% -0.5%
Without sequence distance -0.1% -0.1%
Without spatial distance -0.2% 0%
Without residue composition -0.4% -0.1%
Without atom composition -0.1% -0.2%
Without total charge number -0.1% 0%
Without total H-bond number -0.1% 0%
  1. This table shows the results of leave-one-out test for models built when the core cut-offs equal to 0.2 and 0.8 respectively. The first column is the composition of feature vectors. The second and the third columns are the CVA results of core cut-off = 0.2 and core cut-off = 0.8, respectively. The second line shows the CVA results of using all descriptors of both cut-offs. The values from the third line to the sixteenth line are the difference between the CVA of each leave-one-out test and the CVA using all descriptors.