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Figure 2

From: WGCNA: an R package for weighted correlation network analysis

Figure 2

Network visualization plots. A. Log-log plot of whole-network connectivity distribution. The x-axis shows the logarithm of whole network connectivity, y-axis the logarithm of the corresponding frequency distribution. On this plot the distribution approximately follows a straight line, which is referred to as approximately scale-free topology. B. Results of classical multidimensional scaling. Modules tend to form separate 'fingers' in this plot. Intramodular hub genes are located at the finger tips. C. Network heatmap plot. Branches in the hierarchical clustering dendrograms correspond to modules. Color-coded module membership is displayed in the color bars below and to the right of the dendrograms. In the heatmap, high co-expression interconnectedness is indicated by progressively more saturated yellow and red colors. Modules correspond to blocks of highly interconnected genes. Genes with high intramodular connectivity are located at the tip of the module branches since they display the highest interconnectedness with the rest of the genes in the module.

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