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Figure 3

From: WGCNA: an R package for weighted correlation network analysis

Figure 3

Module and eigengene network plots. A. Barplot of mean gene significance across modules. In this example we use a trait-based gene significance, Equation 2. The higher the mean gene significance in a module, the more significantly related the module is to the clinical trait of interest. B. Scatterplot of gene significance (y-axis) vs. module membership (x-axis) in the most significant module (green module, see panel A). In modules related to a trait of interest, genes with high module membership often also have high gene significance. C. Hierarchical clustering dendrogram of module eigengenes (labeled by their colors) and the microarray sample trait y. D. Heatmap plot of the adjacencies in the eigengene network including the trait y. Each row and column in the heatmap corresponds to one module eigengene (labeled by color) or the trait (labeled by y). In the heatmap, green color represents low adjacency (negative correlation), while red represents high adjacency (positive correlation).

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