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Table 8 Comparison of prediction accuracy (%) for SCL12. Prediction accuracies (%) for using leave-one-out cross-validation (LOOCV) on SCL12L and independent test on SCL12T are obtained from the paper [4]. The input data is sequence only (S) or sequence with accession number (AN).

From: ProLoc-GO: Utilizing informative Gene Ontology terms for sequence-based prediction of protein subcellular localization

Method Input data Features LOOCV SCL12L Independent test SCL12T
ProtLock [8] S AAC 29.7 26.4
Least Euclidean distance [9] S AAC 30.1 29.5
Ploc [10] S AAC and amino acid pairs 30.5 34.3
HSLPred [11] S AAC and dipeptide composition 30.7 33.3
ProLoc-GO S GO terms using BLAST 90.0 88.1
Hum-PLoc [4] S with AN Hybridization of GO terms and Pse-AA 81.1 85.0
ProLoc-GO S with AN GO terms (No BLAST) 91.1 90.6