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Table 1 Nearest neighbor classification accuracies for the 502 images of 10 sub-cellular localizations.

From: Visualizing and clustering high throughput sub-cellular localization imaging

  TAS+Haralick TAS Haralick
Statistics Dimension Unmapped 3D 2D Unmapped 3D 2D Unmapped 3D 2D
1-neighbor classify 93.2% 79.1% 64.5% 91.8% 77.5% 59.6% 87.1% 68.3% 54.0%
3-neighbor classify 94.0% 83.2% 68.9% 90.6% 80.7% 64.3% 85.5% 70.9% 60.6%
  1. Three types of image statistics vectors are tested: TAS with Haralick; TAS alone; Haralick alone. For a given image, the class of the image is compared to that of its nearest neighbors, nearest being defined using the Euclidean distance between the statistics vectors (unmapped), the statistics Sammon mapped into 3 dimensions (3D) and 2 dimensions (2D). Tests in which 1407 individual cells were automatically selected and cropped from the 502 images gave similar (in fact slightly higher) classification accuracies as those in the table (data not shown).