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Table 2 Detail of ambiguous annotations by OSIRISv1.2

From: OSIRISv1.2: A named entity recognition system for sequence variants of genes in biomedical literature

PMID Term dbSNP identifier
10087990 10383894 15941956
14557859 15894659 11096344
142Ser 3817672
14605322 261C > T 1043428
10030842 774C/T 1549758
15372320 79T > C 40401
8655358 Asp86 17880292
17100549 Pro25 1800471
  1. The table show the cases where an ambiguous assignment of a dbSNP identifier to a variation term was obtained. The first column depicts the PMID of the abstracts where the term (second column) was found. The third column shows the dbSNP identifiers assigned to the term by OSIRISv1.2. Highlighted in bold are the correct assignment of dbSNP identifier to that term. In some instances the information from the text does not allow to discern between two SNPs occurring at the same position in the protein sequence but differing only in one of the alternative residues. For example, for the "Asp86" term, both SNPs highlighted in bold represent changes at position 86 of the protein in which an Asp residue is involved. One is a synonymous change while the other is non-synonymous. However, the information extracted from the text is not sufficient to distinguish among these two possibilities (only one allele is described: the Asp residue), and therefore both identifiers are assigned to the term.