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Table 1 Mouse muscle related transcription factors obtained from the TRANSFAC 11.1 Professional database.

From: Motif-directed network component analysis for regulatory network inference

Index Regulatory Site TRANSFAC Matrix ID Brief Description
1 YY1 M01035, M00059, M00069, M00793 Ying Yang 1; common factor 1; delta-factor; F-ACT1; myc-CF1; NF-E1
2 Tal-1 alpha:E47 M00066 Tal-1beta:E47 heterodimer. Random 35-mers bound by in vitro co-translated Tal-1alpha and E47 after 6 CASTing cycles
3 NF-Y M00775, M00185, M00287, M00209 Nuclear Factor Y; CCAAT-binding factor; CP1
4 Alpha-CP1 M00687 alpha-CP1; CBF; CCAAT-binding factor; CP1
5 Sp1 M00008, M00196, M00932, M00931, M00933 Stimulating Protein 1; trans-acting transcription factor 1
6 Hand1:E47 M00222 Hand1:E47 heterodimer. Hand1 is thought to bind to the left half (positions 1–8), E47 to the right half (position 9–16)
7 MEF-2 M00405 M00006, M00232, M00406, M00941, M00233, M00231 Myogenic enhancer factor 2
8 USF M00796, M00187, M00217, M00121, M00122 Upstream stimulating factor
9 USF2 M00726 Upstream stimulatory factor 2; Fos-interacting protein
10 Tal-1beta:E47 M00065 Tal-1alpha:E47 heterodimer. Random 35-mers bound by in vitro co-translated Tal-1beta and E47 after 6 CASTing cycles
11 Ebox M01034 Ebox binding protein
12 Myogenin M00712 Myf-4 (human); MyoG; myogenin
13 E2A M00804, M00973 E2-alpha; immunoglobulin enhancer binding factors E12/E47
14 NKX25 M01043 Csx; NK2 transcription factor related, locus 5 (Drosophila)
15 Nkx2-5 M00240, M00241 Homeo domain factor Nkx-2.5/Csx, tinman homolog
16 TATA M00252, M00216 TATA-binding protein; TATA-box-binding protein; TBP; TFIID; TFIIDtau
17 TBX5 M01019, M01020, M01044 T-box protein 5
18 MyoD M00001, M00184, M00929 Myoblast determining factor
19 SRF M00152, M00810, M01007, M00186, M00215, M00922 Serum Responsive Factor
20 TBP M00471, M00980 TATA-binding protein
21 GATA-4 M00632 GATA-binding factor 4
22 GATA M00789 GATA-binding factor
23 E47 M00071, M00002 E2A; immunoglobulin enhancer-binding factor E12/E47
24 E12 M00693 E2A; immunoglobulin enhancer-binding factor E12/E47