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Figure 1

From: Tandem duplication, circular permutation, molecular adaptation: how Solanaceae resist pests via inhibitors

Figure 1

Multiple sequence alignment of domains of all structures in the Pot II family. The arrow marks out the positions of the reactive sites and the numbers refer to amino acid position. Pairs of cysteines forming disulfide bridges are linked by lines. Abbreviations used: 1FYB-C, chymotrypsin-specific domain of 1FYB (Domain I); 1FYB-T, trypsin-specific domain of 1FYB (Domain II); 1PJU-2, Domain II of 1PJU; 1PJU-1N, N-terminal segment of 1PJU (Domain I); 1PJU-1C, N-terminal segment of 1PJU (Domain I); 1QH2-A, chain A of 1QH2; 1QH2-B, chain B of 1QH2.

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