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Table 6 Results (%) of species tagging on the BioCrAtIvE joint dataset. Accuracy (%) of the species disambiguation systems as tested on the BioCreAtIvE I & II test data. The 'BC model' was trained on the BioCreAtIvE devtest data, the 'TXM model' was trained on the TXM EPPI and TE training data, and the 'Majority Vote' was the default species tagging system in the TI system.

From: Distinguishing the species of biomedical named entities for term identification

  human fly mouse yeast
Majority Vote 82.35 78.43 71.69 85.12
BC model 70.23 89.24 75.41 87.64
TXM model 93.35 3.27 31.89 3.49