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Table 1 The recent developments, in chronological order, for real value ASA prediction

From: Real value prediction of protein solvent accessibility using enhanced PSSM features

Work Regression tool Description of features MAE (%)1
Ahmad et al., 2003 NN2 Amino acid composition 18.8
Yuan and Huang, 2004 SVR3 Amino acid composition 18.5
Adamczak et al., 2004 NN PSSM4 15.3–15.85
Wang et al., 2005 MLR6 Amino acid composition, PSSM and sequence length 16.2
Garg et al., 2005 NN PSSM and secondary structure information 15.9
Nguyen and Rajapakse, 2006 Two-stage SVR PSSM 15.7
  1. 1Mean absolute error of real RSA values. All the methods were evaluated with a three-fold cross-validation on the Barton dataset, except Adamczak et al. used their own dataset. 2Neural network. 3Support vector regression. 4Position specific scoring matrix. 5The MAEs reported in this work were evaluated on a different dataset to other works. 6Multiple linear regression.