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Figure 2

From: An integrated database-pipeline system for studying single nucleotide polymorphisms and diseases

Figure 2

Query table results and graphic viewer. The retrieval page of the integrated gene, SNP, and diseases database. The information on diseases, genes, and SNP markers found as result of a query (e.g., BRCA1) are shown. When a user queries a gene symbol, the system retrieves the Gene Information table, which shows various gene annotations, disease information related to the queried gene, transcript information including the number of SNPs located in each transcript, and SNP information associated with the queried gene. In addition, the user can explore the data on gene-related transcripts, SNPs, and disease information, using the genome browser. If a user requires more specific information on any item, the user can click on a disease term, a gene ID, or a genetic variation number (SNP rs number).

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