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Table 3 Biological processes of potential miRNA regulatory modules annotated in GO [18]

From: Finding microRNA regulatory modules in human genome using rule induction

Module GOid Biological processes Target genes P-value
1 GO:0032501 Multicellular organismal process NOVA1, ST8SIA4, ZFP36L1 8.63E-03
  GO:0009059 Macromolecule biosynthetic process ST8SIA4, ZFP36L1 8.19E-03
2 GO:0007166 Cell surface receptor linked signal transduction NEDD9, BMPR2, PTPRF 7.16E-03
  GO:0019538 Protein metabolic process DAG1, YES1, BMPR2, PTPRF 7.16E-03
  GO:0006464 Protein modification process YES1, BMPR2, PTPRF 7.16E-03
3 GO:0010467 Gene expression PCAF, NOVA1, EIF4A2 7.49E-03
  GO:0018076 N-terminal peptidyl-lysine acetylation PCAF, EIF4A2 5.65E-03
4 GO:0051348 Negative regulation of transferase activity APC, PKIA 2.48E-03
  GO:0006469 Negative regulation of protein kinase activity APC, PKIA 2.48E-03
  1. Biological processes of four example modules were found by GOstat program [19]. GOid is the identification of the Gene Ontology (GO) term. P-values were calculated upon assuming hyper-geometric distribution of annotated GO terms.