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Table 5 Overview of the original datasets used in this paper

From: Finding microRNA regulatory modules in human genome using rule induction

Dataset Content Amount Reference
1 miRNA-target binding information 230 miRNAs 2410 mRNAs Krek et al. [12]
2 microRNA expression profiles 217 miRNAs 89 samples Lu et al. [9]
3 messenger RNA (mRNA) expression profiles 89 samples 16063 mRNAs Lu et al. [9]
  1. From the original datasets we analyze a set of 121 miRNAs and 801 mRNAs; 121 miRNAs are overlapping of miRNAs in the dataset 1 and the dataset 2; 801 mRNAs are overlapping of mRNAs in the dataset 1 and the dataset 3, the binding score (i.e. PicTar's score) of all interactions between miRNAs and mRNAs are not less than 1.0.