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Table 1 Some ways to interact with SRS 7 and to compose queries in its query language.

From: SWS: accessing SRS sites contents through Web Services

Show list of databanks wgetz?-page+databanks
Show databank's information wgetz?-page+LibInfo+-lib+libname
Show databank field's information wgetz?-page+FieldInfo+-lib+libname+-bf+fieldname
Query databank wgetz?-e+[libname-fieldname:terms]
Query multiple databanks wgetz?-e+[{libnames }-fieldname:terms]
Query databank (return text only) wgetz?-e+[libname-fieldname:terms]+-ascii
Query databank (return some fields only) wgetz?-f+fields+[libname-fieldname:terms]+-ascii
  1. This table shows some of the many possibilities of interacting with SRS version 7 by submitting arguments and options to wgetz through the URL (HTML forms GET method). This kind of interaction is the basis of perl scripts that are run by SWS services.