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Figure 2

From: ISOL@: an Italian SOLAnaceae genomics resource

Figure 2

Snapshot of the Web-based application for navigating ISOLA. ISOLA is accessible through two different gateways.

The Genome Browser gateway let the user explore the list of the tomato BAC sequences, grouped by chromosome number, and visualize the tracks that are displayed along each BAC sequence. Each track is cross-linked to other local or external resources. Cross-references to the tomato genome annotation pages at the SOL Genomics Network are part of the ‘genome level’ too.

The Solanaceae EST database gateway let the user investigate Solanaceae transcriptomes as revealed by EST sampling. Each EST database can be queried with keywords to identify functional annotations associated to a single EST or a TC. Cross-links to the UniProt external resource are established. In case an expressed sequence affects an enzyme function, a cross-link to the corresponding KEGG metabolic pathway(s) is provided. These links permit data from proteomics and metabolomics approaches to be integrated in the existing multi-level environment. In addition, the association of the tomato ESTs to the oligo-nucleotide probes from the Affymetrix or from the TED database expands information concerning the ‘expression level’ and provides the opportunity to integrate into the platform data from expression profiling arrays.

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