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Table 6 Examples of confused contexts in the TF & PPI dataset

From: Identification of transcription factor contexts in literature using machine learning approaches

Correct Predicted Example
PPI TF Transcription Factor IIH (TFIIH) and p300 act cooperatively to enhance Vpr effects on glucocorticoid receptor transactivation.
PPI TF These studies show that VES induces growth inhibition of BT-20 cells through a mechanism that involves cyclin A-negative regulation of E2F-mediated transcription.
PPI TF Adenovirus E1A protein represses activation by Vpr by competing for binding to p300, suggesting that p300 is required for activation of HIV transcription by Vpr.
TF PPI It plays a role in HOMEOSTASIS of GLUCOSE and controls expression of GLUT2 PROTEIN.
TF PPI Mutations in hepatocyte nuclear factor 1-beta are associated with renal CYSTS and MATURITY-ONSET DIABETES MELLITUS type 5.