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Table 5 Terms provided by the curators not found in our term selection.

From: Assessment of disease named entity recognition on a corpus of annotated sentences

CUI Term Semantic Type
C0003862 Arthralgia Sign or Symptom
C0011071 Sudden death Finding / Pathologic Function
C0011991 Diarrhea Sign or Sympton
C0018790 Cardiac arrest Pathologic Function
C0019054 Haemolysis Cell Function
C0026838 Spasticity Sign or Sympton
C0040053 Thrombosis Pathologic Function
C0085298 Sudden cardiac death Pathologic Function
C0264202 Somatic dysfunction Finding
C1257806 Chromosomal instability Cell or Molecular Dysfunction
C1384666 Hearing impairment Finding
The following terms are identified by the curators as candidates for a disease but they are assigned to a different semantic type in the UMLS than the set that we have selected