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Table 3 Entities in the NF-kB pathway, the GENIA version

From: New challenges for text mining: mapping between text and manually curated pathways

Id Name Biomolecule State (attributes)
I1 p105 p105  
I2 p50 p50  
I3 p65 p65  
I4 NF-kB p50/p65 Cytoplasm
I5 active NF-kB p50/p65 Active, Nucleus
I6 IkBa IkBa  
I7 Complex(NF-kB/IkBa) p50/p65/IkBa  
I8 Complex(NF-kB/IkBa) IkBa S32P S36P p50/p65/IkBa Phosphorylated
I9 Complex(NF-kB/IkBa) IkBa S32P S36P Ub p50/p65/IkBa Phosphorylated, Ubiquitinated,
I10 kB site kB site  
I11 Complex (NF-kB/kB site) NF-kB/kB site  
I14 IKK complex IKK complex  
I15 26S proteasome 26S proteasome  
  1. The second column shows the name of each entity given by the biologist who created the pathway model. The biomolecules corresponding to each entity is given in the third column. The last column gives the state of each entity, which is represented as a set of predicates.