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Table 6 The example sentences of each ‘bio-inference’ scheme

From: New challenges for text mining: mapping between text and manually curated pathways

class example inferred reaction IDs
1 a ex1 p50 is translated as a precursor of 105 kDa. R10
  b ex2 CD23-induced NF-kappaB is a heterodimer composed of p65/p50 subunits. R1
2 a ex3 RelA contains a high-affinity binding site for its cytoplasmic inhibitor, I kappa B alpha. R2
  b ex4 I kappa B-alpha inhibits transcription factor NF-kappa B by retaining it in the cytoplasm. R2
3 a ex5 When either serine- 32 or serine- 36 of I kappa B-alpha was mutated, the protein did not undergo signal-induced phosphorylation. R3
  b ex6 Pretreatment of the cells with the proteasome inhibitor N-Ac-Leu-Leu-norleucinal inhibits this ligand-induced degradation of the human I kappa B alpha protein. R5
4   ex7 As observed with I kappa B alpha, nuclear RelA stimulates p100 mRNA and protein expression. R8
5   ex8 Nuclear expression of NF-kappa B occurs after its induced dissociation from its cytoplasmic inhibitor I kappa B alpha. R2
6   ex9 A failure to degrade IkappaB-alpha pretreated with PAO is not due to its inhibitory effect on proteasomal degradation. R5
  1. The example sentences of each class of ‘bio-inference’ scheme are shown with their inferred reaction IDs. The linguistic cues to infer some reaction are shown in boldface.