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Figure 2

From: Application of the Linux cluster for exhaustive window haplotype analysis using the FBAT and Unphased programs

Figure 2

Elapsed time for Unphased processes. Diversity of Unphased computation duration for each window size. For window size 1–3, haplotypes sharing same window size were analyze in single processes. For window size 4–17, each haplotype was analyzed by each single process. The x-axis indicates sizes of consecutive windows. The y-axis indicates common logarithms of elapsed seconds. A boxplot indicates first quantile (bottom of a box), third quantile (top of a box), median (a bold line in a box), smallest non-outlier (a lower whisker), largest non-outlier (a upper whisker), and outliers (circles) defined as data far from more than 1.5 fold of a box size.

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