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Table 1 Computation Performance. Computation performance in each method. Analyzed haplotype window types were consecutive window haplotypes (ConsWH) and combinational window haplotypes (CombWH). Fold acceleration is defined as actual elapsed time divided by accumulated time for each process. Acceleration linearity is defined as fold acceleration divided by number of used compute-nodes. 22 nodes are used for analysis except five nodes for the Unphased CombWH analysis.

From: Application of the Linux cluster for exhaustive window haplotype analysis using the FBAT and Unphased programs

program option analyzed haplotype window size elapsed time accumulated time fold acceleration acceleration linearity
FBAT -e ConsWH 1–26 2.2 min 31.7 min 14.4 65.5%
FBAT -e CombWH 1–5 1.9 min 30.3 min 15.9 72.3%
Unphased -uncertain ConsWH 1–17 69.9 day 909.0 day 13.0 59.1%
Unphased -certain ConsWH 1–26 13.8 min 256.1 min 18.6 84.5%
Unphased -certain CombWH 1–5 6.5 day 7.2 day 1.1 22.0%