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Table 3 Evidences for protein – GO annotation associations in text for Set 3. Comparing newly predicted GO terms (Set 3a) and known GO terms (Set 3b) from UniProtKb/Swiss-Prot with protein – GO annotation associations in Medline using different extraction criteria.

From: Integrating protein-protein interactions and text mining for protein function prediction

Extraction criteria GO term Set Recall
Exact & Species predicted GO terms 19/88 (22%)
  known GO terms 129/283 (46%)
Relative & Species predicted GO terms 21/88 (24%)
  known GO terms 164/283 (58%)
Exact predicted GO terms 31/88 (35%)
  known GO terms 201/283 (71%)
Relative new GO terms 34/88 (39%)
  known GO terms 234/283 (82%)