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Table 3 Example sentences from the failed DRE between c-myc and the entities "Breast Cancer" and "c-jun". The expected relationships for breast cancer was F+ and for c-jun, F-.

From: Large-scale directional relationship extraction and resolution

Object Extracted Rel. PubMed ID Sentence
Breast Cancer R+ 12150449 The c-myc oncogene is frequently activated in invasive breast cancer and has been associated with high nuclear grade, lymph node metastasis and poorer disease outcome
  R+ 7734397 The proto-oncogene c-myc is involved in the stimulation of cell proliferation, and its expression is known to be stimulated by estradiol (E2) in human breast cancer cell lines and various non – cancerous E2 – dependent tissues
  F+ 1855215 In search of critical genes in the mechanism of estrogen action in human breast cancer, we previously showed that estrogen stimulates transcription of the c – myc gene in estrogen-dependent (MCF-7) cells
c-Jun R+ 8417822 17 beta – Estradiol had little effect on expression of c-jun, jun B, jun D, or c-fos mRNA by MCF-7 cells over 12 h, although it stimulated c-myc expression 4-fold within 30 min
  F+ 14523011 Furthermore, we identify a phylogenetically conserved AP-1-responsive element in the promoter of the c-myc proto-oncogene that recruits in vivo the c-Jun and JunD AP-1 family members and controls the PDGF-dependent transactivation of the c-myc promoter
  R- 8219202 In addition, intracellularly, mitoxantrone-induced PCD was associated with a marked induction of c-jun and significant repression of c-myc and BCL-2 oncogenes