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Table 1 Algorithm input variables

From: An iterative block-shifting approach to retention time alignment that preserves the shape and area of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry peaks

Variable Formal Definition Default
Sntic SN threshold when detecting peaks in S TIC. Low values are used in order to include weak signals. 1
Sneic SN threshold when detecting peaks in EIC chromatograms for S and R. Values higher than the SNtic are used to reduce the risk of matching noisy EIC peaks. 5
PWidth Peak width threshold for every peak detection, in units of scans. 12
PClose EIC-to-TIC peak apex distance threshold, in units of scans. 2
SDist Search distance when finding candidate peaks in R, in units of scan number measuring from the apex of an S peak. 15
CorMass Correlation coefficient threshold between two peaks. 0.95
Prof Profile threshold for peak deviations. 0.5
LpBound Lone peak boundary, in units of scan number. 5