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Table 2 MapViewer locus for ESTs of NSP generated contigs

From: Validation of an NSP-based (negative selection pattern) gene family identification strategy

Putative gene family Gene group by NSP Contig EST accession MapViewer locus MapViewer Gene Name
CAD GeneB contig3 CK121258 AT4G39330 AtCAD1
    CB074210 AT4G39330 AtCAD1
  GeneC contig1 BP561562 ELI3-1 AtCAD4
    BP796450 ELI3-1 AtCAD4
    CD530744 ELI3-1 AtCAD4
RF1 GeneA contig1 AV823314 ERF1-3 AteRF1-3
  GeneB contig3 AV822373 ERF1-2 AteRF1-2
    BP803175 ERF1-2 AteRF1-2
    Z18188 ERF1-2 AteRF1-2
  GeneC contig6 AV825957 ERF1-1 AteRF1-1
    BE845168 ERF1-1 AteRF1-1
PAL GeneA contig1 8720101 PAL1 AtPAL1
    8736225 PAL1 AtPAL1
  GeneB contig3 8722848 AT3G10340 AtPAL4
    8723431 AT3G10340 AtPAL4
    8728745 AT3G10340 AtPAL4
    8730514 AT3G10340 AtPAL4
    9780248 AT3G10340 AtPAL4
    9788228 AT3G10340 AtPAL4
  GeneC contig6 8690351 PAL2 AtPAL2
    8724245 PAL2 AtPAL2
    8725529 PAL2 AtPAL2
    19869024 PAL2 AtPAL2
    19869200 PAL2 AtPAL2
    37426635 PAL2 AtPAL2
  GeneC contig8 9786707 PAL2 AtPAL2
    37426640 PAL2 AtPAL2
  GeneC contig4 8719100 PAL2 AtPAL2
    14580232 PAL2 AtPAL2
    19855615 PAL2 AtPAL2
    49165014 PAL2 AtPAL2
    59667557 PAL2 AtPAL2
L6 GeneA contig1 5761694 AT1G18540 AtL6A
    8724065 AT1G18540 AtL6A
    19802678 AT1G18540 AtL6A
  GeneB contig4 19868834 AT1G74060 AtL6B
    23303389 AT1G74060 AtL6B
  GeneC Contig6 8714872 AT1G74050 AtL6C
FtsH GeneA contig1 AV518555 VAR2 AtFtsH2
    AV558102 VAR2 AtFtsH2
    AV800962 VAR2 AtFtsH2
    BP785237 VAR2 AtFtsH2
  GeneB contig6 BP626558 FTSH8 AtFtsH8
  1. Individual ESTs of representative contigs for putative gene family members of the 5 Arabidopsis families tested were located to a specific locus by NCBI MapViewer.