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Table 4 Example of remaining number of T-RFs and total fluorescence after treatment

From: Impact of T-RFLP data analysis choices on assessments of microbial community structure and dynamics

  Average no of T-RFs Average total fluorescence
After PDT 50* 26 ± 9 14693 ± 5486
After PDT 100* 16 ± 5 11018 ± 4517
After normalization** 11 ± 2 5339 ± 18
After alignment*** 8 ± 2 3828 ± 438
  1. Average values ± the standard deviation of the number of T-RFs and total fluorescence (sum of peak heights) of the T-RF profiles of 38 activated sludge samples after data treatment. *Replicate profiles were normalized and consensus profiles were generated from two replicate profiles only considering T-RFs present in both. **After normalization of consensus profiles. Both replicate and consensus profiles were normalized using the total fluorescence normalization procedure based on peak heights. ***All T-RFs that could not be unambiguously aligned were removed.