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Table 1 Structural and sequence closeness among pairs of haemagglutinin proteins with solved structures

From: Comparative structural analysis of haemagglutinin proteins from type A influenza viruses: conserved and variable features

H2 H5 H9 H3 H7
H1 r:1.343 r:0.918 r:1.249 r:2.292 r:2.784
i:55.4 s:78.4 i:52.0 s:78.3 i:45.7 s:69.7 i:38.0 s:61.1 i:37.2 s:63.7
H2   r:1.130 r:1.636 r:2.083 r:1.772
i:65.6 s:83.7 i:41.4 s:66.8 i:36.8 s:57.3 i:33.5 s:60.7
H5   r:1.498 r:2.241 r:3.085
i:41.4 s:66.4 i:37.3 s:61.4 i:38.4 s:67.4
H9   r:1.983 r:2.069
i:36.9 s:60.4 i:33.9 s:58.4
H3   r:1.429
i:35.0 s:63.6
H2 H5 H9 H3 H7
H1 r:1.476 r:1.065 r:1.563 r:2.548 r:2.941
i:56.7 s:78.7 i:56.6 s:79.2 i:46.4 s:69.4 i:37.1 s:62.9 i:36.1 s:63.3
H2   r:1.527 r:2.087 r:3.253 r:3.025
i:67.7 s:83.3 i:43.5 s:65.3 i:35.3 s:58.3 i:34.5 s:60.6
H5   r:1.680 r:3.043 r:2.755
i:43.5 s:67.0 i:37.2 s:61.9 i:36.9 s:66.7
H9   r:2.320 r:3.672
i:35.8 s:60.9 i:33.5 s:59.8
H3   r:1.631
i:37.8 s:64.0
H2 H5 H9 H3 H7
H1 r:1.180 r:0.98 r:1.350 r:1.710 r:1.780
i:64.2 s:82.9 i:62.8 s:81.5 i:50.4 s:71.3 i:40.0 s:61.6 i:42.4 s:67.1
H2   r:1.100 r:1.450 r:1.760 r:1.730
i:73.0 s:85.7 i:49.0 s:69.6 i:37.6 s:59.6 i:40.6 s:66.5
H5   r:1.686 r:1.680 r:1.620
i:48.7 s:72.0 i:40.2 s:63.9 i:42.3 s:69.9
H9   r:1.760 r:1.850
i:37.9 s:61.7 i:40.8 s:66.1
H3   r:1.250
i:44.0 s:66.2
  1. Within each cell, the upper value is RMSD (r) for the superposed pair and lower values (in %) are identity (i) and similarity (s) for corresponding, aligned amino acid sequences.