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Table 4 The evaluation of the methods on the seven PCR validated genes

From: Comparisons of computational methods for differential alternative splicing detection using RNA-seq in plant systems

Gene Found by which methods AS events
AT1G77180 DEXSeq, DSGseq, MATS Alt acceptor in 5 UTR
AT1G01490 None Retained intron in 5 UTR
AT2G02390 Cufflinks, DEXSeq, DiffSplice, MATS 4th exon alt acceptor
AT2G26670 Cufflinks, MATS 1st exon alt donor in coding region
AT3G19720 Cufflinks, MATS Intron retention 3rd to last exon
AT5G26780 Cufflinks, DEXSeq Intron retention last exon 3 UTR
AT1G09140 DEXSeq, MATS, rDiff-param Next to last exon alt acceptor