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Table 1 Sum of ranks (smaller is better)

From: A fixed-point algorithm for estimating amplification efficiency from a polymerase chain reaction dilution series

Variable SDM-l4 Std C q Cy0-l5 Cy0-b5 Fixed point
Replicates sd 388 669 574 662 422
Slope sd 46 96 68 83 52
  1. For each of the five estimators of C q we have ranked their performance as judged by the standard deviation of replicates (181 sets of replicates, line 1) and by the standard deviation of the estimated slope when C q is regressed against log. dilution (23 data sets, line 2). For both approaches the null hypothesis of equal distributions of ranks is rejected. On direct comparison of the best two (Fixed-point vs SDM-l4), Fixed-point has a smaller standard deviation of replicates in 95 of 181 comparisons, and a smaller standard deviation of slopes in 14 of 23 comparisons.