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Table 3 Statistical performance metrics for MP-PIPE based on true negatives (TN), true positives (TP), false negatives (FN), and false positives (FP) seen in the leave-one-out cross-validation tests, corrected to use a positive: negative ratio of 1:100

From: Efficient prediction of human protein-protein interactions at a global scale

Statistical measure Definition Value
Specificity (True Negative Rate) T N F P + T N 0.9995
Sensitivity/Recall (True Positive Rate) T P T P + F N 0.2300
Precision T P T P + F P 0.8214
Accuracy T P + T N T P + F P + F N + T N 0.9919
F1 Score 2 T P 2 T P + F P + F N 0.3594
Matthews correlation coefficient TPxTN FPxFN T P + F P T P + F N T N + F P T N + F N 0.4322