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Table 2 DbTFtarget gene categorisation

From: Finding gene regulatory network candidates using the gene expression knowledge base

Novel DbTF Function CCK2RDbTF TGs AR42J expressed Gastrin responsive
CREM Activator CREB1 JUN Yes Yes
FOXP3 Repressor CREB1 IFNG No No
  Repressor CREB1 IL10 No No
  Repressor CREB1 BCL2 No No
  Repressor CREB1 MALAT1 No No
TCF7L2 Repressor CREB1 MYOD1 No No
FOXP3 Repressor NFkB1 PIGR No No
  Repressor NFkB1 CXCL5 No No
  Repressor NFkB1 VCAM1 No No
  Repressor NFkB1 VWF No No
  Repressor NFkB1 IFNG No No
  Repressor NFkB1 IL8 No No
  Repressor NFkB1 BCL2A1 No No
  Repressor NFkB1 NFKB1 Yes Yes
  Repressor NFkB1 IER3 Yes Yes
  Repressor NFkB1 CD40LG No No
  Repressor NFkB1 SELE No No
  Repressor NFkB1 ALOX5AP Yes Yes
SMAD3 Repressor NFkB1 MMP9 No No
PARP1 Activator NFkB1 BRCA2 Yes Yes
  1. The table lists shared target genes of the novel DbTFs and CCK2R core DbTFs, retrieved through use case I-III. Key for columns (left to right): Novel DbTFs: Proteins that transcriptionally regulate the core CCK2R-DbTFs (CREB1, NFkB1 and TCF7L2); Function: Role of the regulators; CCK2R-DbTF: core CCK2R-DbTF that is regulated by the Novel DbTF indicated in column one; TGs: Target genes retrieved from GeXKB that are found to be common between the novel DbTFs and the CCK2R core DbTF(s); AR42J expressed: known status of target genes expression in AR42J cells [19]; Gastrin responsive: known responsiveness of target genes to gastrin treatment [19].