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Figure 1

From: SPoRE: a mathematical model to predict double strand breaks and axis protein sites in meiosis

Figure 1

Summary of SPoRE modeling approach. Two main steps constitute the approach and they are described from top to bottom (center). First, SPoRE considers a set of positions to which it assigns weights. Axis proteins (red) and DSBs (blue) involve convergent genes and divergent genes, respectively. In the drawing, locations with non-zero weight are indicated by colored vertical bars (height represents importance) and triangles: convergent genes for axis proteins and divergent regions for DSBs display the highest weights (top). Then, SPoRE smooths the distribution of weights with a Gaussian kernel (bottom) modeling, in this way, the diffusion of the proteins around their main sites. The red box on the left (A; axis proteins) and the blue box on the right (B; DSB) describe some details of SPoRE models.

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