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Figure 2

From: SPoRE: a mathematical model to predict double strand breaks and axis protein sites in meiosis

Figure 2

SPoRE flowchart. SPoRE takes several input files (brown boxes); the input in the orange box is optional. SPoRE implements the construction of the modeling curves for axis proteins and DSBs, as described in Figure 1 (blue box, top), and uses these curves as input for 4 algorithmic tasks (bottom blue boxes; outputs in grey boxes): 1. The prediction of DSB hotspots. Starting from a list of genomic regions, it decides whether these regions are susceptible to DSB or not; 2. The prediction of axis proteins sites. As in 1, it makes predictions starting from a list of genomic regions provided by the user; 3. The production of ready for browsing output files describing the axis proteins and the DSB modelling curves (see Additional file 1: Figure S1); 4. The comparison of SPoRE models (solid line) to experimental data (dashed lines).

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