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Figure 5

From: SPoRE: a mathematical model to predict double strand breaks and axis protein sites in meiosis

Figure 5

Heatmap of the experimental Spo11 distribution curve [ [9]] and the Spo11 SPoRE curve on the S. cerevisiae genome. Pairs of y-values belonging to the two curves have been recorded every 10nt along the chromosomes, and a total amount of about 1.2 millions points (y 1,y 2) were identified, where y 1 and y 2 are the y-coordinates of the experimental and modeling curves, respectively. In the plot, the y-coordinates have been replaced by their ranks to allow for better visualization. The x-axis reports ranks from the experimental curve and the y-axis reports ranks from the SPoRE modeling curve. Each square in the plot describes the number of points falling into the corresponding interval of rank values. The dark red square on the top right collects picks with the highest y-ranks and the red square on the bottom left collects points in the experimental curve displaying no Spo11 accumulation, and therefore no DSBs.

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