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Figure 3

From: Kiwi: a tool for integration and visualization of network topology and gene-set analysis

Figure 3

The output from Kiwi in case study 2, metabolic changes upon activation of Kras in mouse tumors. (a) The significant gene-sets overlayed on the metabolite-metabolite network (the full gene-set interaction network). As the network is too big and the gene-sets are too spread around the network it is not possible, in a simple way, to draw any biological conclusions about the data. (b) Kiwi effectively reduces the gene-set interaction network and pulls out the significant gene-sets, while maintaining their biological relatedness given in the original network. Here, Kiwi outputs a network showing the steroid biosynthetic pathway, in line with the original study. (c) The heatmap for the gene-sets in the Kiwi network shows that isopentenyl-pPP, 14-demethyllanosterol, squalene, and lanosterol are not overlapping in terms of gene members, yet they are connected in the Kiwi network.

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