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Table 1 Summary of the 5 breast cancer data sets

From: Predicting breast cancer using an expression values weighted clinical classifier

Case study # Samples # Genes # Clinical variables
  Class 1 Class2   
Case I 85 25 5000 Age, Ethnicity, ER status, PR status, Radiation treatment, Chemotherapy,
     Hormonal therapy, Nodal status, Metastasis, Tumor stage,
     Tumor size, Tumor grade.
Case II 33 96 6000 Age, Ethnicity, pretreatment tumor stage, nodal status,
     nuclear grade, ER status, PR status, HER2 status.
Case III 112 65 5000 Age, Tumor size, Nodal status, ER status, Tamoxifen treatment.
Case IV 46 51 12192 Age, Tumor size, Grade, Erp, Angioinvasion, Lymphocytic Infiltrate, PRp.
Case V 58 193 20055 Age, Tumor size, Grade, ER, Prp, Lymph node.