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Table 1 Selected pre-miRNA features

From: Prediction of plant pre-microRNAs and their microRNAs in genome-scale sequences using structure-sequence features and support vector machine

Classification Number Features
MFE-related 9 MFEI12, MFEI22, MFEI33, MFEI43, MFEI54, MFEI64, MFEI75, MFEI85, MFEI95
Sequence-related 20 %AA,%AC, etc.2 (16),%G + C2, Avg_mis_num4 Mis_num_begin5, Mis_num_end5
Mfold-related 6 dS3, dS/L3, dH3, dH/L3, Tm3, Tm/L3
Base-pair -related 7 |A-U|/L3,|C-G|/L3, |G-U|/L3, Avg_BP_Stem3, %(A − U)/n_stems3, %(G − C)/n_stems3
Triple-related 96 A(((_S, A((._S, etc.1 (32), A(((_begin_S, A((._begin _S, etc.5 (32), A(((_end _S, A((._end _S, etc.5 (32)
RNAfold-related 14 dP2, dG2, dD2, dQ2, dF2, zP2, zG2, zD2, zQ2, zF2,NEFE3, Freq3, Diversity3, Diff3
  1. 1Features extracted in triplet-SVM.
  2. 2Features extracted in miPred.
  3. 3Features extracted in microPred.
  4. 4Features extracted in plantMiRNAPred.
  5. 5Features extracted in miPlantPreMat.