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Figure 1

From: Single-molecule dataset (SMD): a generalized storage format for raw and processed single-molecule data

Figure 1

Structure of SMD. (A) Cartoon representation of the SMD hierarchy. (Top) Each experiment, represented by the purple rectangle, encompasses the raw data of many single-molecule traces, each represented by a black rectangle. (Bottom) Representation of an individual single-molecule trace within the above experiment. Raw single-molecule data consist of time series data arising from one or more channels. In this example, we depict two channels containing raw data as well as one channel containing an idealized trajectory determined in post-processing. Associated with the raw data of each trace are attributes that are unique to that trace (depicted in orange), such as derived kinetic and thermodynamic parameters obtained from model fitting. (B) Representation of the SMD format in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). The color scheme is used from the cartoon representation in panel (A).

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