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Table 3 Examples of replenished labels for proteins by PILL and their support references

From: Predicting protein functions using incomplete hierarchical labels

Protein Original label Replenished label Evidence code PMID Date
YOR206W GO:0042255, GO:0000054 GO:0042273 IMP PMID:23209026 2014-05-02
YGR104C GO:0045944,GO:0051123,GO:0001113 GO:0006353, GO:0006369 IMP PMID:23476016 2014-03-28
YML074C GO:0051598,GO:0018208,GO:0000412 GO:0006334 IDA PMID:24297734 2014-05-23
YBL102W GO:0006895 GO:0042147 IGI PMID:10406798 2014-03-14
YJL102W GO:0006414 GO:0032543 ISS PMID:19716793 2014-04-02
  1. ‘Original label’ is the available labels of a protein before 2014-02-01, and ‘Replenished label’ is the replenished label by PILL, ‘Evidence code’ is the type of evidence that supports the go term annotation (or protein label association), ‘Reference’ is the PMID of the support reference for this go term annotation, and ‘Date’ is the date this go term annotation was added.