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Table 4 Comparison of de novo assemblies using uncorrected and corrected reads

From: Pollux: platform independent error correction of single and mixed genomes

  Uncorrected   Corrected
Assembly Scaffolds N50 (kb) NGA50 (kb)   Scaffolds N50 (kb) NGA50 (kb)
E. coli 2,120 31 84   1,840 37 85
S. aureus 737 192 145   603 1,771 202
  1. Assemblies of uncorrected and corrected reads using Velvet. E. coli reads are paired and assembled using default parameters. S. aureus reads are comprised of paired fragment reads with average inserts of length 180 and short jump reads with average inserts of length 3500. These reads are assembled using parameterization as described in GAGE.