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Table 4 Example proteins with binding sites in the predicted Ankyrin repeat region

From: Identifying tandem Ankyrin repeats in protein structures

PDB UniProt Organism Predicted Ankyrin region Binding partner in predicted region obtained from PDBsum
3HWT Q9UGP5 Homo sapiens 257-291, 292-319 DNA
1FO3 Q9UKM7 Homo sapiens 285-319, 324–381, 397–444, 458-504 Kifunensine and Sulphate
1KRF P31723 Penicillium citrinum 263-308, 325-381 Kifunensine, N-Acetyl-D-Glucosamine and Mannose
2IQC Q9NPI8 Homo sapiens 253-299, 300-341 Hg (Mercury)
3Q0P* Q14671 Homo sapiens 894-923, 929–959, 965-995 RNA
3K4E* Q07807 S. cerevisiae 539-576, 584-613 RNA
3V71* O44169 C. elegans 203-230, 240-270 RNA
4F42* P07174 R. norvegicus 19-46, 60-85 MNB
2VTB Q84KJ5 A. thaliana 378-408, 412-445 FAD and MHF
3FY4 O48652 A. thaliana 343-378, 379-417 FAD, IMD and MES
4LCT P45432 A. thaliana 221-252, 262-294 Sulphate
  1. *Multi repeat protein where predicted repeat region is overlapping with other repeat annotated in UniProt.