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Table 1 Biological description of the sequences and structures in dataset A

From: ERD: a fast and reliable tool for RNA design including constraints

Index Description Length (nt)
A1 Minimal catalytic domains of the hairpin 65
  ribozyme satelite RNA of the Tobacco ringspot  
A2 U3 snoRNA 5’ domain from Chlamydomonas 79
  reinhardtii, in vivo probing  
A3 H.marismortui 5S rRNA 122
A4 VS Ribozyme from Neurospora mitochondria 166
A5 XS1 Ribozyme, Bacillus subtilis P RNA based 314
A6 Homo Sapiens RiboNuclease P RNA 340
A7 S20 mRNA from E. coli 372
A8 Group II intron ribozyme D135 from Saccharomyces 583
  cerevisiae mitochondria