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Table 2 Biological description of the sequences and structures in dataset B

From: ERD: a fast and reliable tool for RNA design including constraints

Index Description Length (nt)
B1 pre-amiR-lfy-1 178
B2 pre-amiR-lfy-2 178
B3 pre-amiR-white-1 178
B4 pre-amiR-white-2 178
B5 pre-amiR-ft-1 178
B6 pre-amiR-ft-2 178
B7 pre-amiR-trichome 178
B8 pre-amiR-mads-1 178
B9 pre-amiR-mads-2 178
B10 pre-amiR-yabby-1 178
B11 pre-amiR-yabby-2 178
B12 pre-miRNA 176