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Table 1 Categories of MeSH: MeSH.db provides 16 categories of MeSH terms in 2013

From: MeSH ORA framework: R/Bioconductor packages to support MeSH over-representation analysis

Abbreviations Categories No. of terms Examples
A Anatomy 2882 Muscles, Skeleton
B Organisms 5169 Gram-negative Bacteria
C Diseases 111257 Leukemia, Burns
D Chemicals and Drugs 20633 Fatty Acids, Ligases
E Analytical Diagnostic and Therapeutic 4720 Dental Care
Techniques and Equipment
F Psychiatry and Psychology 1127 Behavior, Motivation
G Phenomena and Processes 3352 Antibody Formation
H Disciplines and Occupations 495 Biology, Clinical Medicine
I Anthropology, Education, Sociology and 622 Economics, Culture
Social Phenomena
J Technology and Food and Beverages 597 Bread, Coffee, Tea
K Humanities 216 Music, Religion
L Information Science 505 Communications Media
M Persons 245 Adult Children, Drug Users
N Health Care 2297 Oral Health, Women’s Health
V Publication Type 180 Book Illustrations, Letter
Z Geographical Locations 546 Japan, China, Taiwan
  1. Each category is abbreviated as a single capital letter defined by NLM.