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Table 4 31 highest scoring C. elegans genes that received HyQue evaluation scores for their role in aging without existing aging-related annotations, and the data evaluation functions that contributed to their scores

From: An evidence-based approach to identify aging-related genes in Caenorhabditis elegans

WormBase identifier Symbol Satisfied data evaluation function
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
WBGene00000252 bli-2       
WBGene00000255 bli-5        
WBGene00000262 bra-1       
WBGene00000479 cgh-1      
WBGene00000915* daf-21      
WBGene00001165 efn-4       
WBGene00001428* fkb-3        
WBGene00001543* gcy-18        
WBGene00001578 ges-1        
WBGene00001746 gsk-3       
WBGene00001824 hbl-1        
WBGene00001974 hmg-4       
WBGene00001979 hmp-2       
WBGene00002005* hsp-1        
WBGene00002013* hsp-12.6        
WBGene00002069* ikb-1        
WBGene00002881 let-756       
WBGene00003029 lin-44       
WBGene00003058 lov-1       
WBGene00003210 mel-28      
WBGene00003473 mtl-1        
WBGene00003497 mup-4       
WBGene00003977* pes-2.1        
WBGene00004392 rnr-2      
WBGene00004765 sel-8       
WBGene00006789 unc-54       
WBGene00007036 sod-5        
WBGene00016140 rpb-2      
WBGene00017830 rpb-8       
WBGene00020100 mks-1        
WBGene00021334 vps-4       
  1. * = true positive.