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Table 8 Frequency with which each data evaluation function was satisfied across all 48,231 C. elegans genes

From: An evidence-based approach to identify aging-related genes in Caenorhabditis elegans

Data evaluation function Satisfied frequency Proportion (Frequency/# of C. elegans genes)
DEF1 317 6.6x10-3
DEF2 6406 1.3x10-1
DEF3 1 2.1x10-5
DEF4 55 1.1x10-3
DEF5 699 1.4x10-2
DEF6 876 1.8x10-2
DEF7 135 2.8x10-3
DEF8 1216 2.5x10-2
DEF9 6899 1.4x10-1