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Table 1 Comparison of NETSIM ’s performance to other similarity measures

From: Measuring semantic similarities by combining gene ontology annotations and gene co-function networks

Similarity Data type used Median (25th Percentile) LFC score
Measure Yeast Arabidopsis human
co-function Co-function network 0.03(0.00) 0.00(0.00) 0.00(0.00)
Resnik GO annotation 0.26(0.10) 0.07(0.01) 0.29(0.19)
Yu GO annotation 0.32(0.10) 0.14(0.02) 0.78(0.48)
Wang GO annotation 0.26(0.11) 0.16(0.04) 0.69(0.52)
Schlicker GO annotation 0.33(0.14) 0.24(0.10) 0.71(0.46)
NETSIM GO annotation, 0.76(0.35) 0.27(0.10) 1.10(0.83)
co-function network
  1. Comparison of NETSIM’s performance to other similarity measures based on the median and the first quartile of Log-transformed Fold Change (LFC) scores. Numbers in bold indicate the best performance for each species.