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Table 1 Comparison of genomic portals and web-based genome browsers

From: GeneDig: a web application for accessing genomic and bioinformatics knowledge

  No page reloads for genome viewing? Seamless zoom from chromosome to nucleotide views? All sequenced organisms browsable? RNA and Protein sequences on one page? Protein domain information?   Copy and paste of sequences? Multiple languages? Search enabled? Average time to locate results
GeneDig   30 sec
Ensembl [6] P   2 min
NCBI [5] P   1 min
UCSC Genome Browser [8] P   3 min
GBrowse [10]  
JBrowse [9]  
  1. Feature assessments were performed at the time of writing. P: Protein track available. Users were timed performing 5 specific genomic tasks (Additional file 1: Figure S1).