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Table 5 Comparison of top ranking associations between different stratification methods

From: Novel genetic matching methods for handling population stratification in genome-wide association studies

ID chr:pos P CAT \(\text {P}_{\text {LR-mds13}}^{\text {[54]}}\) \(\text {P}_{\text {{LR-pca07}}}^{\text {[55]}}\) \(\text {P}_{\text {{MLMA}}}^{\text {[56]}}\) P MCAT-gv
   λ =1 . 087 λ =1 . 027 λ =1 . 021 λ =0 . 998 λ =1 . 044
rs13320534 3:46171700 7.35e-8 2.32e-7 5.22e-7 2.17e-7 4.63e-6
rs936939 3:45986623 9.85e-7 1.36e-6 2.20e-6 2.40e-6 1.55e-5
rs9967637 19:57250898 1.04e-6 6.50e-6 1.24e-5 1.96e-6 4.96e-5
rs17650960 15:27999442 1.84e-6 7.93e-5 9.67e-5 5.33e-5 3.81e-5
rs10902222 11:810882 1.89e-6 2.76e-5 1.14e-5 1.04e-5 4.16e-5
rs1992102 3:21280562 2.80e-6 1.55e-6 1.22e-6 2.93e-6 2.38e-2
rs2962492 5:39568609 7.54e-6 3.72e-6 4.19e-6 7.08e-6 1.08e-6
rs4673251 2:204114244 1.70e-5 6.90e-6 1.13e-5 2.03e-5 8.57e-2
rs16844699 3:103879674 4.00e-5 6.04e-5 6.04e-5 3.50e-4 1.50e-5
kgp9470129 3:141298124 5.30e-5 3.70e-5 2.67e-5 2.20e-5 1.34e-5
rs8073498 17:7569698 1.32e-4 1.66e-3 1.08e-3 6.90e-4 1.36e-5
rs3094078 6:30224970 3.16e-3 5.85e-8 5.00e-7 3.05e-2 1.28e-2
  1. The indices of the P-values refer to the type of test: CAT test without any stratification method, LR-mds13/LR-pca07 for logistic regression with 13 MDS/7 PCA covariates, MLMA stands for mixed linear model association and MCAT-gv for our modified CAT test with group unit and vicinity validation.